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UPDATE: I know it's been longer than I'd originally planned and while I have made it back to the wheel on a few occasions, I am still in the process of moving/downsizing along side the rest of life which has allowed me limited time to make the move back into my studio. I will still come back. I will still come back strong. For now I am just allowing myself the grace to move through this at a pace that doesn't make me want to burn it all down instead of moving through it. I once again thank you for your patience with me. This has been an absolutely brutal process but each day is a step forward. Thanks for checking out my site! The website is temporarily offline while I navigate the sudden changes from a tree falling through our home and having to relocate my life and family. My stock along with all of the rest of our worldly belongings are currently spread across two other households and a storage unit. Rest assured that the site will be back up and new stock is coming, I just need to give myself a little bit of a pause until I'm able to get to the other side of this mess. If you'd like to stay up to date on when I'm back up and running, please sign up for my email list. I'll send out a little note when it's back on track. My hope is that sometime in April I'll be able to get it back online. Thank you all for your patience, especially those of you with gift cards burning a hole in your pockets. I know that stings the most. All my love and hopes for a safe winter for all of you. Love, Lexie