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"Start a business" they said.  "It'll be fun" they said.

Have you ever started a business?  I'll tell you what, being in the throws of it in this moment, that it is absolutely not for the weak at heart or constitution.  It's a lot.  It's learning in leaps and bounds mashed with feeling like bashing your head against the wall.  It's creating a sellable product then trying to figure out how and who to sell it to.  It's trips to the county offices and to the bank and what feels like decades in front of screens (when you very intentionally picked a line of work that doesn't involve screens).  It's 16 hour work days followed by 3rd grade homework, dinner, bath and bedtime.  It's lists and checking boxes and where did that list go and starting a new one.  It's pure insanity and it's all mine.  

This has been the most amazing experience so far tackling this mountain I'm on.  I'm pooped at the end of every single day, but it's mine.  It's work toward my own goals, my own life and growth for myself and my family.  I don't have to answer to anyone but myself and I can't imagine being able to put into words how satisfying that is after 21 years of having to answer to someone else.  To be fair, I'm not making a living at this yet.  I am still answering to someone else.  For now.  It feels better now though.  It stresses me out less because it doesn't feel so hopelessly permanent.  And honestly, I'm thankful for still having to answer to someone else because it keeps my drive for this business to be an absolute smash of a success running higher than I could ever keep it without that.  It's fucking amazing.

Have you ever started a business?  Cuz if you haven't, but you're thinking about it.... do it.

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