The Launch- What I Learned

Well I made it through the launch of my website and my first sale.  In some ways, it went better than I expected.  In other ways, it was completely different.  I learned oh so much and this next shop update will go a little bit differently.  

The biggest learning curve I think was just in the way I was listing items.  I want to do that differently.  I haven't completely nailed down what will be done differently, or perhaps how to nail it the second time.  But I feel like I have a better grasp on how to be efficient with that process.  I also got a lot of good feedback from you all about what you would like to see included in the details.  I'll be a bit more thorough this time.  

I learned also, that my model for shipping isn't going to work for me.  While I would like to be as good a recycler as I can, I realize now that completely creating boxes from other boxes isn't efficient at all for me, and doesn't really provide for consistent or safe shipping options.  I will continue to work through all of the packing material I have though.  I imagine that will remain a constant for a while as I now have wonderful humans saving their own material for me as well.  This time I am working on ordering consistent sized boxes that will allow for consistent shipping costs for me.  

My other reason for wanting more consistent shipping costs was because I don't want shipping to be yet another thing you have to mentally calculate to the price of what your purchasing.  I HATE having to pay for shipping when I order online and I really don't want to invoke those feelings in you all when you're looking at what I make.  So I won't be charging for it anymore.  Hazzah!

I'm still working through some kinks on the backside and still working on tweaking the look of some things.... like the website which is getting a completely different look.  I'm also thinking about adjusting my product shot setup to be a bit tailored.

It's all such a process and I'm sure this blog post will be completely boring for most who read it, except for the part on shipping.  I'm writing it a bit with the intention of just sharing my journey with others who are on a similar path.  So this one is for them.  

Cheers to the holidays.  They are fast approaching.  Lots to do.  

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Not only are your designs beautiful, but it’s wonderful to see how thoughtful your business model is. Thank you for sharing your process and your art.


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