King of Mount Whitney Cup

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"Mount Whitney is the highest mountain in the continuous United States and the Sierra Nevada Mountains [which I call home], with an elevation of 14,505 feet.  

In July 1864, the members of the California Geological Survey named the peak after Josiah Whitney, the State Geologist of California and benefactor of the survey. During the same expedition, geologist Clarence King attempted to climb Whitney from its west side, but stopped just short. In 1871, King returned to climb what he believed to be Whitney, but having taken a different approach, he actually summited nearby Mount Langley. Upon learning of his mistake in 1873, King finally completed his own first ascent of Whitney, but did so a month too late to be first.On August 18, 1873, Charles Begole, A. H. Johnson, and John Lucas, all of nearby Lone Pine, had become the first to reach the contiguous United States' highest summit. As they climbed the mountain during a fishing trip to nearby Kern Canyon, they called the mountain Fisherman's Peak."

These Mount Whitney cups are where my carved cups project originated; a simple carved line around a cup to represent the ridge line of Mount Whitney.

I love the feel of these carved cups in my hand.  I made them with the intention of an easy to hold, pleasing under the fingers texture, size and feel. I personally have tested them with coffee as well as beer and water.  They will work well as a go to cup in the morning or a happy hour on the patio.

Small ceramic tumblers with the likeness of Mount Whitney Carved into them.Small ceramic tumblers with the likeness of Mount Whitney Carved into them.