No Hands Bridge Cup

Thanks for checking out my work!

This cup is a nod to my hometown and the area where I'm raising my son as well.  No hands Bridge is located in Auburn California on the American River. Originally named Mountain Quarries Railroad Bridge, the name "no hands" came from veteran rider, Ina Robinson, who would drop her reins to ride across the then guardrail-less bridge. The bridge now stands as the "gateway to Auburn" and the final American River crossing of the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Ride and Run. 

I love the feel of these carved cups in my hand.  I made them with the intention of an easy to hold, pleasing under the fingers texture, size and feel. I personally have tested them with coffee as well as beer and water.  They will work well as a go to cup in the morning or for happy hour on the patio.

This item is Dishwasher and Microwave safe.


carved ceramic cups with the likeness of No Hands Bridge in Auburn California.

Carved ceramic cup with the likeness of No Hands Bridge from Auburn California